Annual Report 2020

December 2020


It's a pleasure to present this Annual Report for the Hornsby Pacific Education Trust for the year ended December 2020.

Because of the complete Covid lockdown in Tonga, and partial lockdowns in New Zealand, it has been difficult to find out what has been happening at St Andrew's High School this year. We couldn't make our usual visit to Tonga over the winter months because of Covid19 restrictions, which was an enormous frustration. This means, too, that we have no up-to-date photos of the school for this report – so we have had to do without!

Money sent to the school in March was spent on paying fees for many of the needy students at St Andrew's, as well as the four tertiary students we selected (from twelve applicants) to receive support for their study.

Because we have been unable to do any building or other projects at the school this year, we have used donations not tagged to a specific student to pay for St Andrew's ex-students to continue their tertiary studies at the University of the South Pacific and Tupou Tertiary Institute.  We feel that encouraging school-leavers to continue on into tertiary study is most important, and the fees for these tertiary institutes are quite heavy compared with school fees. So it has been really good to draw on the donations you have sent during the year - and we thank donors for making this possible.


Earlier in the year we also used some of your donations to pay for Kaveinga Vaka's visa so that he could get over to Auckland to begin his studies at Auckland University. He is there on a scholarship from the Diocese of Polynesia, which didn't seem to extend to paying his visa fees. Having now completed his initial diploma at St John's College where he is living, he is due to audition for a place at Auckland University's School of Music in a few days' time.


More recently we have used some of your donations to pay the school's Microsoft software licence fee. Some of you may remember that Aiscorp in Johnsonville very generously gave the school a huge amount of computer equipment and hardware a few years ago. This was on the understanding that the school would pay the annual Microsoft software licence fee, which covers the whole school. We discovered a couple of months ago that they hadn't had enough money to pay this year's fee, and that there would be dire consequences, so we quickly sent over money for it.


So we are very grateful to have been able to use the donations you have sent us over this past year in a variety of ways, even though we haven't been able to spend any time there ourselves.

We certainly hope that the travel situation will be remedied next year, and that we'll be able to go back and support the school in practical as well as financial ways.

We are grateful to our Trustees, David Brown, Jonathan Austin and Angus Ogilvie for their oversight of the Trust's operation, and convey particular thanks to Angus Ogilvie and his firm Generate Accounting, for their preparation of the Annual Accounts and Performance report for Charities NZ. (A copy of this report is attached.)

Simon and Rachel Tipping

Managing Trustees


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