Pictures - 2016 - Major donations

Chapel furniture donated by Rangi Ruru School, Christchurch

New toilets - funded by the David Ellison CharitableTrust

Refurbished laptops from St Vincent de Paul, Hornby

Brass band instruments from the Taupo Concert Band, with individual donors paying for repairs.

 Equipment, books and school supplies donated by King's College

Musical instruments and school supplies donated by Onslow College

New classroom furniture donated by St Paul's Collegiate, Hamilton

The 2014 computer room now has airconditioning - donated by St Andrew's, Epsom

Mathew Lakai and Fololeni Pau'u, whose visit to Edgewater College was funded by St Andrew's, Epsom

King's students fitting security mesh to the Music Room windows - mesh donated by the David Ellison Charitable Trust

Pictures 2016 - Volunteer visits - St Andrew's, Epsom

St Andrew's, Epsom ran English Week for the school. Drama, poetry, speeches etc.

Pictures 2016 - Volunteer visits - King's College

King's College students are picked up from the airport in the school truck
Sports afternoon - King's students run a volleyball game
Help with letter-writing in English. 
King's students meet the SAHS students whose families will be billeting them
A school communion service - the Gospel procession, with Sr Fehoko CSN, the Chaplain, and students, dancing the Gospel up the aisle.
Rev Warner Wilder (KIng's) and Rev Fr 'Iloa Tuineau bless the gifts that King's brought.
More help with English writing 
Onesai Auva'a, assistant Chaplain of King's, works with SAHS students
Marco's Pizzeria.
Part of the King's team which built classroom furniture for the school
Sports afternoon - touch rugby in long grass on the school field
Painting the music room and fixing security mesh to the windows
Building classroom furniture

Pictures 2016 - Volunteer visits - Onslow College

Tracing the outline of the mural at night - outline projected on to the wall
Music workshop at Queen Salote College
Drama workshop at Queen Salote College
Improvisation group at QSC
Improvisation at QSC
The finale - QSC
Rehearsal of Vivaldi Gloria at St Andrew's

Rehearsal of O Fortuna at St Andrew's. Kaveinga in charge

After school swim at the American Wharf, Nuku'alofa
Marco's Pizzeria
Drama group performs Alone at Last at St Andrew's
The mural takes shape. St Andrew's art teacher Andrew Maka on left
Smallest boy in the school paints the mural
Drama workshop at Tonga High School
St Andrew's juniors learn about paint from Onslow art teacher Naomi Joel
Katherine Hodge takes a combined choir practice
A break in choir practice
Blues at Tupou High School
Concert Band at Tupou High School
The mural in its early stages
The Mural complete
St Andrew's principal Mo'unga Maka thanks Onslow music teacher Justin Pearce
Katherine Hodge studies the score with Mathew Lakai, SAHS choir trainer
Goodbye to Sr Fehoko, the St Andrew's chaplain
The trio who started it all - Justin Pearce, Kaveinga Vaka and Katherine Hodge
Programme for the combined schools' concert, 30 September 2016
Many more photos from 2016 can be seen on the Hornsby Trust's Facebook page (@Hornsby Trust)