Pictures 2014

The major task for the Trust in 2014 was to lay a storm drain to avoid flooding on the eastern side of the school campus. Flooding had been a problem since the school was built on the present site in the 1970s.

NZ drainlayer Mark Jones (in blue cap) was in charge, and was ably helped by school staff and students. The drain runs about 100 metres and averages 1.5 metres in depth.

The project was funded by the NZ High Commission, with assistance from the St Andrew's Ex-students' Association, and the Schaumkel family.

The drain terminates in a sump with an automatic pump installed. From here the floodwater is pumped out into the street stormwater drain.

Picture shows Simon finishing off the interior of the sump.

 Encouragement came from the Chairman of the Board, Dr Sitiveni Halapua, in the thick of the digging. Picture shows (from left) Mark Jones the drainlayer, Dr Halapua, Simon Tipping.

It is good to report that during the rest of 2014 and all of 2015 there has been no flooding, and the automatic pump has disposed of all floodwater with no further attention needed.

 The visit by King's College students under the leadership of Rev Warner Wilder was a great success as usual. Here the King's students perform their haka in school assembly, with assistance from the St Andrew's boys who remembered it from the previous year.

King's students spent time getting to know the St Andrew's students during work and relaxation..

 King's boys made classroom furniture in the school workshop.

 A large party of volunteers came from Holy Trinity Church in Picton. They were led by David and Cathy Brown, who have volunteered at St Andrew's twice before. They had a wide range of skills which were put to very good use at school. Rose Molloy from Karori Baptist joined them as cook.

 One of the projects this group undertook was converting a classroom into a second computer room. Here David works with students to make a new door.

 The new computer room finished. Computers were supplied free of charge by Aiscorp (NZ) Ltd of Johnsonsville, Wellington, who also sent their technician Pieter Pretorius to set the system up.

 Stephanie Brown worked with Sr Fehoko, the school chaplain, leading discussions with classes about the Christian faith.

 A group of volunteers from various parts of New Zealand included Brent Bruce (far left) a Hornsby trustee and his wife Judith (rear far right) who reglazed 365 panes of glass at the school, Annette and Shirley, the two magnificent cooks (rear centre), Dave and Judy Petrie (rear left and front centre) from Nelson (engineer and teacher). They are pictured with Sione Hala'api'api (front centre), who was supported by the Trust in a catering and hospitality course in 2013.

 Experienced teacher Judy Petrie was able to help junior and senior students with their academic work.

 One of the Trust's first tasks of 2014 was to renovate the art room. A team from Christchurch joined with students and a Tongan builder to repaint and remodel the room, improving the light - always a vital part of any art room.

 The Christchurch team and their student helpers are thanked by Principal Mo'unga Maka.

 A lively group of volunteers from St Andrew's Church, Epsom included Rod Oram, who shared his passion for cycling with St Andrew's students. By good fortune, a collection of donated bicycles had recently been stored at the school. Here Rod directs cyclists around his specially prepared course.

 Younger members of the Epsom team spent time helping students with their English reading and conversation.

John Langley from the Epsom group coaches a rugby team, is filmed by Rev Richard Bonifant and watched by Dr John Bonifant.

 At the school farm, we finally got the pump going, to bring water up from the well (on the left) to the tank (off to the right). Ma'ake the farmer (in hat) is looking very pleased.  This means that there is now a good water supply for the piggery ......