Newsletter 2019

St Andrew's hosts VSA volunteer.

This year saw the first NZ VSA volunteer for many years working at St Andrew's. It is a welcome return! Lavinia Manoa is a highly-qualified teacher from Auckland who is spending the year training teachers from St Andrew's and Hilliard School (SDA) to integrate ESOL teaching into English classes. 

Pictured are (from right) volunteer Lavinia Manoa and VSA's Tonga manager Tina Mackie, with Simon and Rachel Tipping. 

Many Tongan students need special help with speaking, reading and writing English, partly because external exams are set and answered in English, and partly because many jobs available to them require it.
The picture shows Lavinia holding a workshop with four teachers.

Lavinia's work at St Andrew's High School has been supported by a grant from St Andrew's Parish, Epsom, Auckland, and by other Hornsby Trust New Zealand donors.

 Lavinia has been introducing teachers to ESOL resources. Many of these have been donated by supporters in New Zealand, but some she has created herself, to make them appropriate for the Tongan context. These are unique and very valuable.

In the picture they are shown in the front of the table - the spiral-bound booklets which Lavinia put together with help from teachers and students, using a binding machine donated by supporters. A  real team effort. Thank you Lavinia.

Maintenance work around the school

Simon and Rachel Tipping were only able to visit St Andrew's for three weeks this year, so Simon was not able to take on much maintenance around the school. However, when he did appear with tools in hand after school was out, he always found a number of handy boys ready to help. In this picture three boys are helping measure and cut timber to repair the seats under the rain tree at the front of the school.

Computers and Aiscorp

In January the school had another major computer boost from Aiscorp, our sponsors in Wellington. Aiscorp flew technician Michael France over to install two new servers, and also 25 PCs, a UPS and other equipment. 

This was all arranged at no cost to the school, including shipping, customs clearance, duty etc. A magnificent gift to the school. Thank you Aiscorp, and CEO Elmar Gailitis. 

Pictures show: (top) Head Girl Talisia and friend with the new servers, (bottom) computer teacher Stacey with students trying out the new PCs.

Tertiary Scholarships

Over the last few years Hornsby Trust sponsors from New Zealand and the UK have been supporting  present St Andrew's students, and also ex-students who are undertaking tertiary study. This year one of the ex-students is Fatafehi Hoponoa, who is taking a foundation course in science at the University of the South Pacific Tonga campus. 

Fatafehi is pictured here with her parents and Rachel Tipping, when they visited St Andrews to report talk with Simon and Rachel  about her studies.

From next year on, there will be up to five Hornsby Tertiary Scholarships awarded to school leavers or ex-students of St Andrews. Up to $2,000TOP will be granted, according to the fees required for each student's chosen course.  Applications for study in 2020 close on 1st November 2019, and  details can be obtained from the St Andrew's office.